COVID-19 Resources and Information

JHHS Audiology

The Audiology Clinic is moving from the Senior Center building to the
Jemez Comprehensive Healthcare Center main building during the
week of June 7th, 2021.
This move will allow for better integration of audiology with the medical
clinic and other programs, so you get the best care possible!
The Audiology Clinic will be closed on June 10th, 2021, but will reopen at
the Health Center on June 17th, 2021, and every Thursday thereafter.
Audiologists can help us in the following ways:
• Comprehensive pediatric, adult and elder hearing evaluations.
• Comprehensive hearing aid care, including hearing aid evaluations,
ordering, fitting, follow-up and repair.
• Evaluate hearing disorders and assist with referrals to specialists.
If you want or need to schedule an appointment with Audiology, please
call 575-834-7413