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Mission Statement
The Pueblo of Jemez Department of Education’s mission is to continue strengthening, respecting and encouraging our traditional language and culture while building on the unique talents of each individual, to develop well-educated, knowledgeable, healthy and competent leaders for a stronger and healthier community.

Our vision is to educate all tribal members in gaining life skills by providing educational services and opportunities for the children of today and tomorrow.

Provides financial aid opportunities through Tribal and Federal funds for Jemez members attending post-secondary institutions. Strengthens the Pueblo of Jemez with an educated and trained workforce by improving the quality of life and

creating a clear path for future generations.


Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Monday – Friday 8am-6pm MST

Office Phone: 575-834-9102

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Contact Information

Kevin Shendo, Director

Imogene Shendo, Administrative Assistant