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The vision of the Realty Office is to preserve and protect the cultural and traditional uses of lands within the Pueblo of Jemez.

Provide Realty services to Tribal members with quality, accuracy, and processed in a timely manner.

Build the Realty Program capacity to better serve the Jemez community by implementing survey services, creating our own land surveys with the accuracy needed for legal purposes and improve the GIS Program with increased technical abilities.

Services Offered by Department
Residential leases, land surveys, land transactions, required Tribal Council documents, business leases, Right of Ways (easements), mineral leases, and amendments for residential leases and tribal council resolutions.


Danielle Toya
Realty Clerk

Thurman Loretto
Realty Officer
Phone: (575)-834-6368

Realty Office
PO Box 100
4771 Highway 4
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024