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Natural Resources DepartmentThe Natural Resources Department’s vision is to protect, preserve, and enhance the natural & cultural resources for the benefit of the environment and the people of the Pueblo of Jemez.

To support Tribal Leaders in the managing, monitoring, and protecting of lands and resources important to the Pueblo of Jemez in a manner that complements, respects and defends traditional Jemez culture.

The Jemez ancestral lands continue to play the integral role to the Hemish People of providing water, plants, game, and non-game animals, minerals, and shelter; all necessary to preserve, sustain and enrich the Jemez traditional and contemporary culture.  The Natural Resources Department is proud of our work in protecting and to enhancing these resources for the long-term sustainability of the people of the Pueblo of Jemez.

Services Offered by Department
Forestry Management, Cultural Resource Management, Rangeland Management, Wildlife Management, Environmental Monitoring and Compliance, Farming Assistance, Irrigation System Management, Renewable Energy Development, and Geographic Information Systems Management.

Natural Resources Department Staff

Clarice Madalena, Director
Responsible for the management, oversight and administration for the department’s activities, programs and staff.

Chris Toya, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer/Archeologist
Responsible for providing oversight, protection and conservation of cultural resources associates to the Pueblo of Jemez on public lands and Jemez lands.

Clarice Madalena, Program Manager
Responsible for the Los Alamos Pueblos Project (LAPP) for the Pueblo of Jemez

Mark Magdalena, GIS Specialist
Responsible for GPS Surveying, ArcGIS mapping, and property surveys
Oversight of physical addresses for Emergency Response for Sandoval County
Wildland Fire Fighter type II, Co-Op Agreement with BIA/SPA Fire

John D. Romero, Agriculture Manager
Responsible for managing Jemez rangelands for its utilization for wildlife, grazing and the people of the Pueblo of Jemez.

 Program Manager (NA)
Under EPA funding, manages the Pueblo’s Water Quality Program and General Assistance Program (GAP)

John Galvan, Tribal Forestry Manager

Responsible for managing the operations of Forestry by sound forest management activities including reducing the risk of catastrophic

wildfires; promoting overall forest health; protecting forest resources including water and wildlife; coordinating wildfire response; building

program capacity and partnership to enhance the Pueblo’s ability to protect and to enhance our forest resources.

Alberta Vigil- Office Manager
Aaron Cajero Jr- Forestry Supervisor
Byron Andrew- LAPP Cultural Resource Specialist
Daryl Lucero- Natural Resources Technician
Ira A. Sando- AG/Field Technician
Johnathan C. Romero-Range Program Manager

Contact Information
Alberta Vigil
Office Manager

Natural Resource Department
040 Old Trading Post Rd
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024