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The Pueblo of Jemez Senior Citizens Program’s mission is to provide services to all eligible individuals, 55 years of age and over, with the highest priority to those with the greatest economic and social needs and to improve the quality of life through a collaborative and coordinated team approach with various resources on and off the reservation.

Services offered:

  • Congregation and home-food services
  • Physical activities and field trips
  • Transportation services
  • Support services for family caregivers
  • Health promotions
  • Home chore service
  • Special monthly activities
  • Senior Olympics
  • Care giver services
  • Fitness gym for Elders 55 +
  • Sewing
  • Mens group


  • To promote wellness and healthy lifestyles
  • To give our elders peace of mind away from home
  • Socializing through a variety of activities and outings
  • To educate seniors on the importance of nutrition and exercise
  • To sustain the knowledge of cultural traditions through intergenerational settings

Contact Information

Monica Magdalena
Senior Citizens Program Manager

Jemez Senior Citizens Program
129A Canal Street
Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico 87024


Jemez Pueblo Senior Center