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A prosperous and safe community where the Indigenous way of life and future generations are considered and supported in all economic and community development endeavors.

To assist Governance, Tribal Administration, Departments, and Programs in developing short-and long-term strategic plans for researching the goals and objectives of the Pueblo of Jemez and to manage specific development projects as assigned by Governors and Tribal Administration.

To coordinate and conduct, as directed, the implementation of the Pueblo of Jemez’s planning efforts, including short-and long-term forecasting, planning for infrastructure, roads, tribal buildings, tribal projects, and economic and community development; provide expertise in planning-related issues, respond to inquiries from administration staff, community and Governors regarding all proposals and active projects.

Services Offered by Department
The Department oversees all stages of planning, design, and construction projects and economic development for the Pueblo of Jemez.  The Department also assists community members with minor construction activities such as earthwork and soil delivery by way of work orders.


Planning and Transportation Pueblo of Jemez


Points of Contact

Sheri Bozic


Kalainia Waquie
Project Coordinator

Vincent Toya
Transportation Operations Manager

Street Address & Building:
Planning Development & Transportation
7401 Highway 4, Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024