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To contribute to the success of the Pueblo of Jemez Administration and Community by being an essential partner in providing Facilities, Utilities, Custodial, and Transfer Station Services to customers.

The Public Works Department (PWD) was authorized by the Jemez Tribal Leadership and Tribal Council to provide the Pueblo with responsible leadership and management in the design, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance of the Tribal utility systems, including drinking water, wastewater, solid waste and designated public facilities that serve the Community.

The PWD is focused on planning, developing, improving, operating, and maintaining the water, wastewater, and solid waste disposal systems, and providing custodial services, operation, and maintenance of Tribally-owned buildings and businesses at the Pueblo, with the goal of improving safety and wellbeing of the Community and future generations.

Services Offered by Department
The Public Works Department is comprised of two divisions, Utilities and Facilities. PWD was established in June 2000 to oversee all activities involving Tribally-owned facilities and utilities. The utilities division provides operation and maintenance services to the Pueblo of Jemez Community. The facilities division provides direct services to tribally owned facilities, and programs.

The Utilizes Division provides water and wastewater emergency support to the community by way of private work orders.

Todd Loretto
Office: (575)-834-7942

139-C Bear Head Canyon Rd
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024