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Welcome to Jemez Pueblo (Walatowa) where you’ll witness an enlightened combination of red rocks, and mesa tops companioned by cedar, cottonwood and aspen trees, shadowed by enchanting mountains blanketed by aromatic juniper and white pine trees. Nestled just below the mountains is the village of Walatowa.

Walatowa means “this is the place”. The people of Walatowa pride ourselves on the preservation of our native language where over 90% of the people speak Towa, a Tanoan language.

From irrigation to fulfilling spiritual needs the Jemez River has provided life to our people and land. To this day the Walatowans have sustained in harmony with this majestic land. Spring through fall our community has gathered upon native plants and harvested crops such as corn, chili, squash, and watermelon. Fall through spring is time for hunting wild game.

Our traditions and government operate on a secular calendar that coincides with the seasons. Governors are appointed in January. The Governors’ office is located in the Tribal Administration Building. Our Governors have the responsibilities to protect and support our people, land, and traditional way of life while also maintaining our government-to-government relations as a sovereign nation.

Jemez Pueblo is home to business operations such as the Walatowa Timber Industry, Jemez Gas and Convenience store, a Welcome Center, and Jemez Health and Human Services Health Clinic. Additionally, there are many tribal member owned businesses which include pottery, sewn goods, silver, beaded, and precious stone jewelry, food sales, fine arts, services and more.

We are close-knit families raising children and caring for elders. Our community reposes itself in culture, tradition, and remote living. We ask that our visitors respect our community by checking in with the Governor’s Office prior to access. Please visit our visitor’s page more information on visitor etiquette.

Visit the Walatowa Visitor Center