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Mission Statement
The Pueblo of Jemez strives to develop a comprehensive Department of Education that meets the educational and development needs of all Tribal members. We recognize the need to establish high standards that provide the needed services and programs to ensure student success and high academic achievement. In addition, we strive to develop and implement culturally appropriate curriculums at all Jemez Tribal Schools so that they are inclusive of language, culture, traditions and tribal history.


College and Career Advisement
Education service staff works with Jemez students throughout their middle school, high school, college, and trade school journeys. We tailor the information we provide to meet the needs of the student:

Middle School through High School

  1. Build interest inventories with students to help them understand their potential.
  2. Provide workshops on finding the Right Fit for college, finding a Major of Choice, applying to College, applying to scholarships, and completing the Financial Aid application.
  3. Connect students to summer programs such as; University of Colorado – Boulder Upward Bound program, Cushing Academy, Ms^2 in Andover Massachusetts, College Horizons, the Summer Policy Academy at the Santa Fe Indian School, and many others.
  4. Connect students to internship opportunities within the pueblo administration’s respective departments.

After High school

  1. Provide workshops on building your Resume, Cover Letters, and provide Interview tips to give you the best opportunity to land that job!
  2. Continue our services on scholarship assistance, finding fellowships and internships that meet the needs of your college or career pathway.

We encourage and welcome All Tribal Members whether you live on or off the reservation and someone who needs assistance with College and Career Counseling to stop by our office. We look forward to working with you to find your passion and build a plan to ensure you reach your goals.

Experiential Learning
Education staff continuously seeks opportunities for students to learn outside the confines of the class room. Below are some examples of partnerships we have had before and currently working towards building more:

  • Pecos PathwaysHands on learning
  • Jemez to Boston
  • Marshall-Brennan Project
  • Travel Abroad
  • Rez Writers

Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship
Scholarships are awarded to qualified enrolled Jemez Tribal members, in their quest to earn an associate, bachelors, master’s, or Doctoral degree at a regionally accredited institution. Financial aid and merit scholarships are available each semester (no summer funding). Students must be enrolled full time and must meet required GPA. For more information or specific scholarship requirement please refer to the scholarship application, available to download on this page.

Scholarship Program
Do you need financial assistance to pursue your Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Graduate degree? The Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Program offers the following scholarships to help in your educational endeavors:

  • Financial Need Scholarship
    Need-based as reported by FAFSA
  • Merit Scholarship
    3.2 GPA, for students with no need as reported by FAFSA
  • John Swagerty II Scholarship
    For Agriculture-related degree programs
  • Judith Tempest Lawall Scholarship
    For Healthcare-related degree programs
  • Moiety Scholarship “In Memory of Jimmy Shendo”
    For students who “Encourage, Honor, and Secure the Hemish way of life”
  • Graduate Scholarship
    For Graduate degree programs (Master’s/PhD)

The deadline to apply for all Pueblo of Jemez Scholarships is July 1 for Fall, and January 15 for Spring. Applications are available at the Pueblo of Jemez Education Services Center, by calling us at 575-834-9102 

Applications and Forms

New Student- Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Application

Continuing Student- Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Application

The following is a list of the terms and conditions of the Jemez Scholarship Application. If it has been more than two consecutive semesters that you have sought funding from the Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Program, you will be considered a new student and will need to re-submit all items, except the CIB. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have all requested forms in the Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Office on or before the deadlines below. Transcripts need to be sent after the completion of each semester.

  • Please indicate on your application which scholarship(s) you are applying for:
  • Moiety Scholarship, “In memory of Jimmy Shendo”
  • Judith Tempest Lawall (Health Career) Scholarship FALL semester ONLY
  • Financial Need Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship
  • Health/Allied Health Scholarship
  • John Swagerty II (Agriculture) Scholarship SPRING semester ONLY
  • Graduate Scholarship

Continuing students please see continuing student requirements; section A-G

New students will be responsible for submitting general requirements for each scholarship, as well as additional requirements for selected scholarships. All scholarship requirements/criteria are listed below.


FORM_POJ 2019-20 FNA

STUDENT: Complete Section One and submit to the financial aid office at your college or university at least one month before the scholarship deadline.

All students are required to apply for all forms of financial aid at your college or university in addition to the Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Program.

1. All expenses incurred prior to attending school will be the student’s responsibility. Expenses may include the following: Admission fees, housing deposits, transportation to the school, and other related fees prior to the start of school.
2. Each year students are required to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete the Pueblo of Jemez Scholarship Application Forms.
3. Students are expected to periodically check with the Jemez Department of Education office and the school’s financial aid office regarding the status of their files.
4. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is received by the Jemez Department of Education office within the required deadlines.
5. Students are required to complete the number of credits within the semester or term for which the Jemez (or Other Scholarships) scholarship was provided. This includes video and/or on-line courses. Failure to do so may result in probation or suspension with the Jemez Department of Education Office.
6. Student must submit/email OFFICIAL transcripts at the end of each semester or term to be considered for continued funding.
7. Upon graduation or completion of a program, students are required to submit a copy of their final transcripts, certificate, license, diploma or degree.
8. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Jemez Department of Education office of any and all changes, e.g., a change in schools, mailing address, telephone number, a change in the number of college credits, etc.

Local School Contact Information

Jemez Valley Public Schools:
8501 Hwy 4
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024
Office: 575.834.7392
Fax: 575.834.7676

Walatowa Charter High School:
145 Bear Canyon Road
P.O. Box 669
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024
Office: 575.834.0448
Fax: 575.834.0449

San Diego Riverside Charter School:
504 Mission Road
P.O. Box 99
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024
Office: 575.834.7419