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Services offered:

  • Processing referrals initiated by our Jemez Health and Human Services (JHHS) Providers
  • Scheduling appointments and submitting pertinent clinical notes and test results
  • Referring uninsured patients to Patient Benefits Coordinators
  • Reviewing all billing forms and explanations of benefits from outside providers
  • Processing purchase orders, JHHS Information Technology transmits to Blue Cross Blue Shield fiscal intermediary for payment processing


  • Superb customer service for patient satisfaction
  • Timely communication of referrals and results to give patients peace of mind regarding their health care
  • Winning the trust of patients by assuring them that PRC will cover their bills on time
  • Alleviating patients’ financial anxiety by coordinating benefits
  • Informing new tribal members of their eligibility, members who would otherwise be unaware of their access to health care at JHHS

Contact Information

Vanessa Toya
PRC Supervisor     

Jemez Comprehensive Health Center
110 Sheep Springs Way
Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico 87024